Call for submissions: #EnbyLife zine

#EnbyLife is a zine about non-binary experiences and stories. If you fall under the non-binary gender umbrella (e.g. genderqueer, gender fluid, agender, bi-gender, just to name a few) — I want your work!

Submission Deadline: 30 June 2016

Publication: July/August 2016


What can I submit?

Poetry, essays, non-fiction, stories, comics, work that doesn’t fall neatly into any category — so long as the work has a focus (however tangentially) on non-binary experiences and stories. Word/submission limit: 1-2 pages (A5) per person.

What will #EnbyLife look like?

#EnbyLife will be published in A5 (folded A4) in black ink (NO COLOUR SUBMISSIONS!) on various coloured paper (hopefully the colours of the non-binary flag!). Want a sneak peak? Here’s the draft cover:

Copy of non-binary zine

Where can I send submissions?

Email me at rae.white1985 at gmail dot com OR message me via my Contact form. When sending your submission, please also include your pronouns and a short bio. 🙂

Will I get paid?

Unfortunately not BUT if your work is published you’ll get a free copy of #EnbyLife! I plan to sell the zine at around 3-5 AUD (depending on the number of submissions), which will cover printing costs. The remaining money will be donated to Queensland AIDS Council (I am open to suggestions of other non-binary supporting charities in Brisbane/Australia).

Do I need to use my name?

You can use your name, a pseudonym, or remain anonymous. The purpose of this zine is to promote non-binary voices, not to ‘out’ anyone.

I’m cisgender, can I submit?

Nope. I recommend making your own zine or seeking out other submission opportunities.

Where will #EnbyLife be sold?

Firstly, there will be a launch at Junky Comics in Brisbane on Saturday July 23 from 5pm! Check out the event here!

I also plan to sell #EnbyLife at Sticky Institute in Melbourne, the Zine and Indie Comic Symposium in August, several zine fairs happening at Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, and through my personal page Rae White.

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