#EnbyLife launch success!

Last night’s launch of #EnbyLife was a great success! Thank you to the contributors who made the zine possible, and to Vlada at Junky Comics for letting me host the event in her beautiful shop. 💜

Thanks to everyone’s generosity I was able to make a donation to Queensland AIDS Council/QuAC. Their mission is to enable LGBTQI+ people to improve their health and quality of life. If you want to make your own donation, visit their website.

If you couldn’t make it to the launch, there are still copies of #EnbyLife and some badges at Junky Comics. If you’re in Melbourne, I’ll also be sending copies of the zine to Sticky Institute and there’ll be some at the Junky pop up shop at Magic Johnston next month!

There’s also print and digital copies of the zine available at my Etsy shop.

#EnbyLife zine launch!

Come join us for the launch of #EnbyLife zine at Junky Comics, West End on Saturday 23 July from 5pm! (Facebook event here!)

Non-binary (enby) people are those of us who don’t fit within Western society’s gender binary (male/female). Our stories are often erased (if even heard at all!). #EnbyLife is a zine about non-binary experiences and stories, with amazing submissions from local and international writers, artists and creatives.

Come to the launch to support non-binary people, local creatives and our beloved Junky Comics!

PS: there will also be an after party for those who want to get their drink on. Location TBA!

If you want to submit to #EnbyLife, have a read of this blog post. Submissions are open until 30 June!

Call for submissions: #EnbyLife zine

#EnbyLife is a zine about non-binary experiences and stories. If you fall under the non-binary gender umbrella (e.g. genderqueer, gender fluid, agender, bi-gender, just to name a few) — I want your work!

Submission Deadline: 30 June 2016

Publication: July/August 2016


What can I submit?

Poetry, essays, non-fiction, stories, comics, work that doesn’t fall neatly into any category — so long as the work has a focus (however tangentially) on non-binary experiences and stories. Word/submission limit: 1-2 pages (A5) per person.

What will #EnbyLife look like?

#EnbyLife will be published in A5 (folded A4) in black ink (NO COLOUR SUBMISSIONS!) on various coloured paper (hopefully the colours of the non-binary flag!). Want a sneak peak? Here’s the draft cover:

Copy of non-binary zine

Where can I send submissions?

Email me at rae.white1985 at gmail dot com OR message me via my Contact form. When sending your submission, please also include your pronouns and a short bio. 🙂

Will I get paid?

Unfortunately not BUT if your work is published you’ll get a free copy of #EnbyLife! I plan to sell the zine at around 3-5 AUD (depending on the number of submissions), which will cover printing costs. The remaining money will be donated to Queensland AIDS Council (I am open to suggestions of other non-binary supporting charities in Brisbane/Australia).

Do I need to use my name?

You can use your name, a pseudonym, or remain anonymous. The purpose of this zine is to promote non-binary voices, not to ‘out’ anyone.

I’m cisgender, can I submit?

Nope. I recommend making your own zine or seeking out other submission opportunities.

Where will #EnbyLife be sold?

Firstly, there will be a launch at Junky Comics in Brisbane on Saturday July 23 from 5pm! Check out the event here!

I also plan to sell #EnbyLife at Sticky Institute in Melbourne, the Zine and Indie Comic Symposium in August, several zine fairs happening at Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, and through my personal page Rae White.