Black and white photo of me with big glasses and short hair standing in front of a mic with my hand raised. A pink and orange coloured square surrounds the image. In a fuzzy circle is the text 'Welcome Rae White'

I’m joining Queensland Poetry!

Very exciting news! This week I join Queensland Poetry as their Events and Marketing Manager!

Big love to Zenobia Frost who handed over the reins to me this weekend and has done an absolutely outstanding job. In this role I hope to honour, nurture and celebrate the poetry community, and the voices of future and established artists, especially those from marginalised backgrounds. May I remain humble, driven and community-focused.

Queensland Poetry (QP) supports poets and spoken-word artists in Queensland, Australia through its flagship annual festival, year-round events and workshops, Arts Queensland Poet-in-Residence Program, Arts Queensland Poetry Awards, prizes and challenges, and in-school programs.


Our upcoming poetry events are listed on the QP website. I’d love to see you there!

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