Groundswell: The Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize anthology

Groundswell: The Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize anthology. Edited by Toby Fitch.

Featuring three poems by me including ‘what even r u?’ ❤️

And poems by fellow amazing poets: Evelyn Araluen, Chris Armstrong, Georgina M Bailey, Ross Belton, Lachlan Brown, Julie Chevalier, Thomas Denton, Julie Durrant, Joel Ephraims, Luke Fischer, Lou Garcia-Dolnik, Myles Gough, Kia Alice Groom, Fiona Hile, Dan Hogan, Duncan Bruce Hose, Holly Isemonger, Julie Jedda Janson, Patrick Jones, Sam Langer, Frances Libeau, Astrid Lorange, Roberta Lowing, K A Nelson, S.J Norman, Ella O’Keefe, Melody Paloma, Harry Reid, Aden Rolfe, Omar Sakr, Sara M Saleh, Brooke Scobie, Joel Scott, Andrew Watts, Mitchell Welch, Alison Whittaker, Tim Wright, Grace Yee and Jakob Ziguras.

Reading at Gather Round

Gather Round is a celebration of magic and make-believe, of fantastical fiction and tantalising tales. On Friday 22 April at Gather Round’s home Cinnamon and Co, West End, there will be readings from Kelsey Adams, Katrina Couzens, Francis Harvey, Joshua Knights, Calum Johnston and myself!

For the first time, I’ll be reading my eerie, nostalgic short story ‘The Body Remembers’ about the loving relationship between a non-binary trans boy and his unnamed grandparent. 

Book your ticket for Friday 22 April.