I have a new spooky story up on Slink Chunk Press!
CW: Trypophobia triggers.

Slink Chunk Press

by Rae White

The air here is hard and mottled like lotus seedpods. My body is pockmarked and frigid.

Each day I’m finding it increasingly difficult to focus. I’m sliding, hardly blinking, mesmerised by the honeycombed revulsion surrounding me. Until I find a clear nook. It only takes one, a tiny seedless space, and I can slip into the office, walk confidently through the security doors and past the lunchroom.

I check my email daily. Or like all good employees, I try to. As my old manager Simon used to say, it’s the dedication that counts. Even if you’re office-bound until late in the evening, at least it looks like you’re doing something.

As I approach my desk I glimpse my old friend: the stained ring from my coffee mug that no one’s bothered to clean off. I make a giggle-tsk noise and Miriam quickly turns her head. She stares at me briefly…

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Xmas in Brissie

Happy festive season, everyone! Please enjoy my sad weird poem about Xmas in Brisbane’s ridiculous heat.

The true meaning of Xmas in Brissie:

[Image description: picture of an Australian beach decorated with illustrations of a sun, cherries and holly. A poem is written over the top of the image:

The true meaning of Xmas in Brissie:

  • The beach, with its recurring applications of
    sunscreen, so your skin feels sticky and sea-
    serpent-slick, your cheeks fever-
    warm, your hair sea-salt-crisp.
  • The deli slices of turkey and ham, rolled-up
    and sweating on a paper plate adorned
    with plastic holly.
  • Your relos singing raucously to songs about
    snow, while you hoard ice down your shirt
    and the gullies of your body become
    swamp-like and dripping.
  • Your cousins playing in the blow-up pool filled
    with ice water. You dip your feet in and drink
    chilled white wine, hoping to delay heat-
    induced nausea.
  • Grazing on leftovers from the fridge for days,
    cherries sitting wrinkled and abandoned
    in the crisper.
  • Back home, a moth jitters in through your
    open window. It abruptly gets sucked in, shredded and
    spat out by the rusting 10 buck Kmart fan
    whirring beside your bed.]

I’m at Digital Writers’ Festival!

Happy to announce I’ll be participating in a panel for Digital Writers’ Festival, alongside the rad Alison Evans, Get YA Words Out, Michael Earp and Jordi Kerr. We’ll be chatting about the importance of safe queer spaces online, and the complexities of writing rounded and dynamic queer characters.

What: Get YA Words Out
Where: On the internet!!


And check out the FULL DWF PROGRAM, because it looks incredible. ❤