‘if there’s nothing out there, why am I searching?’

My plant poem ‘if there’s nothing out there, why am I searching?’ is in this gorgeous issue of Umbel and Panicle!   

This poem is fresh and so new, it won’t even be in Milk Teeth

Have a read of the poem here.

Umbel & Panicle’s Issue 7: Roots is also full of poignant and inspiring poems, including “A Lesson In Uprooting” by Dhiyanah Hassan, “Clearcut” by RL Mosswood, and “Soon Come” by Saleem Hue Penny, and gorgeous photography by Che Gilson.

My poem placed second in the Judith Wright Poetry Prize!

BIG NEWS: My poem ‘what even r u?’ came second in the Overland Literary Journal Judith Wright Poetry Prize!!

Congrats to Evelyn Araluen for her poems ‘Guarded by Birds’ and ‘Dropbear Poetics’ winning first and third places respectively. And also congrats to the shortlisted and commended poets! 

**Read the full announcement on Overland here**

I particularly liked this quote, which sums up my poem perfectly:

“Second-placed ‘what even r u?’ by Rae White is insistent in its breaking down of binaries (gendered in particular but also linguistic, via puns and inversions) while expressing admirable patience in the face of intolerance and abuse.”

PS: on that note, if you’re commenting/writing about this wonderful prize, please note my pronouns are they/them (e.g. ‘they just won a great prize!’) and I am non-binary, NOT a woman or female. Thank you 

The detailed judges’ report and three winning poems will be published in Overland 230, out in late March.