Groundswell: The Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize anthology

Groundswell: The Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize anthology. Edited by Toby Fitch.

Featuring three poems by me including ‘what even r u?’ ❤️

And poems by fellow amazing poets: Evelyn Araluen, Chris Armstrong, Georgina M Bailey, Ross Belton, Lachlan Brown, Julie Chevalier, Thomas Denton, Julie Durrant, Joel Ephraims, Luke Fischer, Lou Garcia-Dolnik, Myles Gough, Kia Alice Groom, Fiona Hile, Dan Hogan, Duncan Bruce Hose, Holly Isemonger, Julie Jedda Janson, Patrick Jones, Sam Langer, Frances Libeau, Astrid Lorange, Roberta Lowing, K A Nelson, S.J Norman, Ella O’Keefe, Melody Paloma, Harry Reid, Aden Rolfe, Omar Sakr, Sara M Saleh, Brooke Scobie, Joel Scott, Andrew Watts, Mitchell Welch, Alison Whittaker, Tim Wright, Grace Yee and Jakob Ziguras.

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