Green striped background with the text Stilts Issue 7

New poem in Stilts Journal!

I have a new poem in Issue 7 of Stilts Journal! The poem is an ekphrasis piece inspired by James Gleeson’s Primavera.

Screen shot with the following text: pre-passive | Rae White after James Gleeson’s Primavera (oil on canvas, 1953) two washed lemon-gold with trampling tawny-toes ; coaxing fingertips across salt-lips of moon-licked mouths ; feathery pits smooth-greased in awe ; docile petals like hair pinch-plucked ; pincers chatter a swollen omen ;;

**Read the rest of the poem on the Stilts website**

I’m so proud to be published alongside fellow poets Geoff Page, Anne Elvey, Paul Dawson, Gavin Yuan Gao, Luke Best, Tamryn Bennett, Chantelle Mitchell, Milton P. Erlich, Dženana Vucic, Nellie Le Beau, and Stuart Barnes.

**Read Stilts Issue 7**

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