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Review of Cirquetry at QPF

Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane reviewed Cirquetry at Queensland Poetry Festival! Huge thanks to Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane for this attentive and insightful review.

I was proud to be part of this performance alongside Maddy Grant, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Georgia Bale, Raelee Lancaster, and Chloe Callistemon, directed by Celia White.

“The showing explores the ideas of the emotional and physical risk-taking in the bodies and minds of poets and circus performers. Instead of keeping to their art form of choice, the performers incorporate the skills of their peers into their pieces. The circus artists wax lyrical while climbing over each other and bouncing off bungy cords. Poets dance, play on aerial silks and balance off each other. The rhythms of spoken word replace music and give voice to the unspoken of circus. Movements give new layers of gravity, meaning to the poetry. It is a truly of a collaboration of art forms.”

“Highlights were the first two pieces, building the world of the show, as the performers repeated words to Georgia Bale performing on lyra. These words formed the core the first spoken word pieced performed by Rae White, while they were being moved and cocooned by the rest of the ensemble, and ending in the group moving in synch.”

Photo by Umberto on Unsplash.

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