Colour image of animals swimming through coloured smoke, with the text: A Celebration of Poetry, People and Cultures. Deep Listening QPF2019

QPF roundup – I won a prize!

This weekend at the Queensland Poetry Festival (QPF), I won the Best Queensland Entry for 2019 XYZ Prize for Innovation in Spoken Word! Fable Goldsmith won first place and I love their work so much! Heck yes to more non-binary poets winning things 🙂 Both our poems will be published on Melbourne Spoken Word later this year.

I also had a new poem published in the Concrescence special QPF issue ‘Deep Listening’. It’s about deep sea creatures lurking in wait for humans to destroy the world so they can take over. Yikes!

made your bed   we’re deeped and plenty  in this ocean. buoyed  to feast on flotsam  snow, to scavenge softly  for carcass. biolumine- scent, we wait for you. flashlit, we listen  for eyeshine.


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