Colour image of animals swimming through coloured smoke, with the text: A Celebration of Poetry, People and Cultures. Deep Listening QPF2019

QPF roundup – I won a prize!

This weekend at the Queensland Poetry Festival (QPF), I won the Best Queensland Entry for 2019 XYZ Prize for Innovation in Spoken Word!ย Fable Goldsmith won first place and I love their work so much! Heck yes to more non-binary poets winning things ๐Ÿ™‚ Both our poems will be published on Melbourne Spoken Word later this year.

I also had a new poem published in the Concrescence special QPF issue ‘Deep Listening’.ย Itโ€™s about deep sea creatures lurking in wait for humans to destroy the world so they can take over. Yikes!

made your bed   weโ€™re deeped and plenty  in this ocean. buoyed  to feast on flotsam  snow, to scavenge softly  for carcass. biolumine- scent, we wait for you. flashlit, we listen  for eyeshine.


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