Spotty light orange image with black text that says 'Pretty Cool Poetry Thing's Animal Crossing Zine'

Animal Crossing Zine and Aniko Press Q&A

My poem ‘Sabbatical’ is in this amazing digital Animal Crossing Zine by Pretty Cool Poetry Thing!!! (‘Sabbatical’ was originally published in Milk Teeth and Ibis House.)

Read the zine here

Spotty light orange image with black text that says 'Pretty Cool Poetry Thing's Animal Crossing Zine'


I also had a lovely interview with Aniko Press, ahead of my soon-to-be-published poem with them ‘Discussing polyamory in the workplace:’  
“I don’t think I could write without pushing the boundaries of form and language, without pushing myself as a writer. Perhaps because experimenting feels like play, and that’s both enjoyable and also something we don’t often get to do as adults. It’s one of the reasons I love poetry so much – the capacity it has for play and exploration.”
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Webinar: Write together, gently

I’m running a webinar on 7 Sept from 6-7pm AEST! Are you finding it hard to write at the moment? Me too. Hopefully this event helps 🙂 ‘Write together, gently’ is a soothing write-in/creative co-work over 1 hour with gentle writing prompts on the theme FOCUS.

Payment is on a sliding scale – I know a lot of us are struggling with money at the moment. And once you’ve paid for the webinar, you have unlimited replay access, so you can watch it whenever you want! This is great if you can’t make this exact day/time.


A bright image of blue, purple and yellow blobs with black text: 'Write together, gently with Rae White'

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Highest Queensland Entry – Val Vallis Award 2020

I am very proud to announce my poem ‘The last tourist’ (for the birds at Tangalooma, Moorgumpin) won Highest Queensland Entry in the 2020 Queensland Poetry Festival Val Vallis Award. Congratulations to first place winner Helen Lucas for ‘Heirloom’ and second place winner Sarah Rice for ‘My Time in Govie Housing Draws to a Close’.

In their comments, judges Judith Beveridge and Kirli Saunders said of ‘The last tourist’:

This poem’s vernacular immediacy, imagistic freshness and perspectives give it an immediate appeal. Tone and voice are used both humorously and incisively to create memorable portraits that reflect both animal and human foibles in an energetic way.

Thank you so much to Queensland Poetry Festival, Arts Queensland and Cordite Poetry Review, and of course to the judges Judith Beveridge and Kirli Saunders for choosing my poem.

Read my poem ‘The last tourist’ (and watch the accompanying video) on the Cordite website.

Read more about the Val Vallis Award here.

Photo by Kerin Gedge on Unsplash.

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New poem at Red Dirt Poetry Festival

I have a new visual poem called ‘this one room’ at Red Dirt Poetry Festival‘s House of Healing – Poetry First Aid, an exploration of healing in a digital space. Check out the incredible gallery of poets and their poems at the Red Dirt website.

This poem was written during Rico Craig‘s workshop The Everyday Epic through Queensland Poetry Festival, which I’d highly recommend attending. Big thanks to Rico for inspiring so much of ‘this one room’!

let’s play house! let’s mop coffee marks from studio’s length. chew less gum & give our teeth a real good scrub. we can move against or with Time. whatever we want. we can do whatever we want!

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New writing at Pink Advocate

My opinion piece / personal essay “Glorious: On body fluidity and reclamation” is up now at Pink Advocate Magazine!

What even are bodies? And how is it possible for bodies to be both solid and fluid, malleable and enhanceable: created to contain multitudes?

In dark jacket with slicked-back hair, I’m ‘sir’ at the grocery store but a quick reflex to ‘ma’am’ as soon as they notice my lips, plumped swollen from windburn. What if I could be both? What if, beyond ‘both’, I was even more?

Read more on the Pink Advocate website.

Story Bundle for Pride

So proud to have a short story in the Gender Diverse Pronouns issue of Capricious in this Story Bundle, which supports Rainbow Railroad for #PrideMonth 🌈🏳️‍🌈

An aside: the short story in Capricious, ‘Glitter and Leaf Litter’, is the piece I’m developing into a full length YA verse novel, thanks to my Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship. I love these wonderful non-binary characters so so much 🌈