Woolf Pack #7 launch

Last night’s Woolf Pack launch was magical and cider-filled. I socialised with other rad zinesters and was told my poem in this issue is ‘great but weird’, which is the best compliment IMO. Make sure you pick up your copy of Woolf Pack #7 to experience the weirdness for yourself and to read every other wonderful submission in there. 💖💖

*~*~ Woolf Pack is available at ~*~*
Junky Comics – Brisbane
KissyFace Distro – Online
Sticky Institute – Melbourne


#EnbyLife launch success!

Last night’s launch of #EnbyLife was a great success! Thank you to the contributors who made the zine possible, and to Vlada at Junky Comics for letting me host the event in her beautiful shop. 💜

Thanks to everyone’s generosity I was able to make a donation to Queensland AIDS Council/QuAC. Their mission is to enable LGBTQI+ people to improve their health and quality of life. If you want to make your own donation, visit their website.

If you couldn’t make it to the launch, there are still copies of #EnbyLife and some badges at Junky Comics. If you’re in Melbourne, I’ll also be sending copies of the zine to Sticky Institute and there’ll be some at the Junky pop up shop at Magic Johnston next month!

There’s also print and digital copies of the zine available at my Etsy shop.