‘stand up’ has won the Woollahra Digital Literary Award for Digital Innovation!

So incredibly happy to announce ‘stand up’ has been awarded the Woollahra Digital Literary Award for Digital Innovation!

You can explore ‘stand up’ on the Backslash Lit website.

A huge thank you to judge Brett Osmond for choosing ‘stand up’ as the winner. I’m honestly so blown away and delighted and grateful!

Thank you also to Woollahra Libraries, publisher Backslash Lit, and of course to Tegan Webb who helped me draft and redraft ‘stand up’ in Bitsy.

The trans experience is one that’s so often defined in media, by governments, as one simple / single / matter-of-fact / impersonal Medical Procedure. 

‘stand up’ is an interactive poem which explores this idea, and the notion of what it really means to be trans. Because being trans isn’t just about one single thing. 

Being trans is about breathing, loving and being; and, in ‘stand up’, it’s about finding small joys and knowing you are loved.

Screen shot of a blue and pink pixel game with a main character, sun and cat in the image with hearts and arrows in the background.