The text 'Red Dirt Poetry Festival Digital 2020' over the top of a red background

New poem at Red Dirt Poetry Festival

I have a new visual poem called ‘this one room’ at Red Dirt Poetry Festival‘s House of Healing – Poetry First Aid, an exploration of healing in a digital space. Check out the incredible gallery of poets and their poems at the Red Dirt website.

This poem was written during Rico Craig‘s workshop The Everyday Epic through Queensland Poetry Festival, which I’d highly recommend attending. Big thanks to Rico for inspiring so much of ‘this one room’!

let’s play house! let’s mop coffee marks from studio’s length. chew less gum & give our teeth a real good scrub. we can move against or with Time. whatever we want. we can do whatever we want!

A photo of a visual poem incorporating shells, polaroid photos and white sticker labels on a rainbow tie-dye background. The text of the poem reads: 'clear skies' for M seashells picked & palmed swelling lips sunkissed like glinting waves i cup conch between fingers & drink you in today we are sunbeams

New visual poems

Last month I had two new visual poems published! I’ve been exploring what poetry means to me and how I can best express that, including playing with other art forms and pushing my own boundaries.

I was so proud to have my blackout poem ‘flourish, viola’ published at Honey & Lime Lit.

And my visual poem ‘clear skies’, which incorporates seashells, polaroid photos and printed labels, appeared in Baby Teeth Journal.