Spotty light orange image with black text that says 'Pretty Cool Poetry Thing's Animal Crossing Zine'

Animal Crossing Zine and Aniko Press Q&A

My poem ‘Sabbatical’ is in this amazing digital Animal Crossing Zine by Pretty Cool Poetry Thing!!! (‘Sabbatical’ was originally published in Milk Teeth and Ibis House.)

Read the zine here

Spotty light orange image with black text that says 'Pretty Cool Poetry Thing's Animal Crossing Zine'


I also had a lovely interview with Aniko Press, ahead of my soon-to-be-published poem with them ‘Discussing polyamory in the workplace:’  
“I don’t think I could write without pushing the boundaries of form and language, without pushing myself as a writer. Perhaps because experimenting feels like play, and that’s both enjoyable and also something we don’t often get to do as adults. It’s one of the reasons I love poetry so much – the capacity it has for play and exploration.”
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New poetry, pals!

Yesterday I had a lovely chat about Milk Teeth with Sadie Ward on All Things Queer RTRFM 92.1. We spoke about themes of navigating the world as a non-binary person and breaking down barriers.

**You can listen back to the interview on the RTRFM website.**

I also have a poem in the latest issue of Cordite alongside some of my fave poets, including Candy Royalle, Toby Fitch, Michael Farrell, Emily Crocker, Ray Briggs, Zenobia Frost, Angela Gardner, Elizabeth Duck-Chong, Bec Jessen, Jill Jones, Madison Godfrey, Fiona Hile, and so many many more.

**Have a read of my poem ‘I’ve got something to say’.**

Also: this poem is part of a new collection I’m working on, which explores non-binary people and space: the space we take up, the space we don’t, the space we’re denied, the space we reclaim. And just between you and me, more poems from this work in progress will be published soon!


[Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash]